Renovo Research provides cocrystal screening and salt screening services

The World Leader in Pharmaceutical Cocrystals

Improving drug performance with cocrystal technology

Renovo is a privately held contract research organization (CRO) specializing in use of pharmaceutical cocrystals as an enabling technology for improving physical properties and drug delivery. 

Renovo performs fee-for-service contract research to identify new, patentable, multi-component crystalline solid forms of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that can significantly improve physical properties. The improved physical properties can lead to improved drug product performance, for example, improved bioavailability. 

Let Renovo be your problem solver

Our recognized scientific expertise in cocrystal screening and salt screening allows Renovo to be well positioned to deliver novel and innovative solutions to challenging problems in pharmaceutical product development. These solutions can provide the enabling technology for improvements in drug products as well as be the cornerstone for the patent protection that will maintain market exclusivity. 

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