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About Renovo
Renovo partners with companies that have APIs that can benefit from cocrystal technology and a shared goal of bringing improved medicines to the market.

Our assets and experience allow us to rapidly and efficiently create new opportunities in partnership with other pharmaceutical companies.

Our recognized scientific expertise is in the discovery and development of pharmaceutical cocrystals allows Renovo to be well positioned to deliver novel and innovative solutions to challenging problems in pharmaceutical product development. These solutions will provide the enabling technology for improvements in drug products as well as be the cornerstone for the patent protection that will maintain market exclusivity.
The logo contains a regular tetrahedron and a regular octahedron. Neither of these shapes alone can be arranged or packed in a way that will fill all space without gaps. However, taken together and operating as complementary space fillers, the two shapes can be combined in a way that will pack to fill all space.

In this way the tetrahedron and octahedron represent a cocrystal and illustrate how a two component structure can be a solution in a situation where the one component structure is not a viable option
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Renovo is a privately held company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
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